There are some spaces where I love to admire, to wander, to stay and even to die there. Those natural spaces remind of legends, sweet memories where I do not feel lonely and I can soliloquise myself. A place of “human’s soul and nature’s soul” is as the paradise in this world where nature and I can talk to each other.

I want to send all of those creatures into my artworks, to create mystery artworks which is breathing the organic life and trying to compete with nature.

Embroidery landscape artworks are dissolved of mystery stitches, create surprising scenes in those artworks which are trying to compete with natural and having organic breathing life too,

They are artworks of human and natural are dissolved together, transforming plants to animals, transforming plants to swans or snakes, snakes to humans, humans to flames,…

XQ Hand embroidery landscape artworks suddenly become so lively with a world full of flowers, animals, natural, and human become so innocents as origin.

Landscape artworks discover the liberation of unsymmetry spaces, brings out new meanings, and the moving in space. Once again, it controls the lonely and monotonous world.